Celo Camp project ideas

Build on Celo

We are looking for diverse teams to build products and services on Celo. Celo’s mission is to create an open financial system that creates prosperity for all. Improving the end-user experience is one of the most important pieces to realize the potential of this movement towards open, decentralized systems. Below are a few ideas for the types of projects we’d love to see: 

Financial apps, programmable payments apps and payment infrastructure. These would include Payments, Dapps, Gaming, Crypto investing, Digital banking, E-commerce channels, Chat & Communications, Digital creator/Influencer monetization (freelance economy), advertising incentives, and more.

Have an idea not listed above?

We encourage you to submit any creative idea you have in mind.



No matter what stage your project and team are at, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Celo Camp at alon@upright.gg


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