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Developer Resources

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Celo’s full-stack approach

Each layer of the technical stack is designed to meet mobile-user needs.


Send or request Celo Dollars easily with anyone in your address book, powered by decentralized phone-number verification.

Core Contracts

Designed to support an ecology of stable value currencies. The first stablecoin, cUSD, is pegged to $ USB.


The open-source smart-contract platform is built on decentralized infrastructure.

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Learn more about the tech behind the Celo Protocol and Celo Wallet

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Celo Wallet

Try out the Valora Celo wallet

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Add Alfajores funds

Top up your wallet on an existing testnet account

Celo for Ethereum Developers

Re-write nothing, Celo fully supports solidity and is 100% EVM compatible with Ethereum. We plan to keep it this way

EVM Compatible

Ethereum developers find working with Celo super familiar and easy to get going

Scale With Low Gas Fees

Celo's Proof of stake BFT consensus mechanism enables Visa scale throughput at a fraction of the current gas prices

Mobile First

A full stack approach and Ultra light client allows you to create super snappy mobile experiences thanks to zk-SNARK tech

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