What are the Celo Camp prizes?

The grand prize winner will receive  $10,000 USD and roundtrip flights to San Francisco, Berlin, or Buenos Aires to meet with the C Labs team and the broader Celo community.  This trip will provides an opportunity to meet with potential advisors, supporters, and partners to build and grow your project. See here for terms of use.

The runner-up team will receive $5,000 USD.  

A $2,000 USD prize will be awarded to each of the (three) teams whose projects embody Celo’s community tenets: Design for all; Strive for beauty; Innovate on money; Embrace humility. Read more here.

Projects will be evaluated based on execution, product-market fit, innovative use of blockchain, and alignment to Celo’s mission of prosperity. During the process, teams will receive ongoing feedback from the community and mentors.  For more information please read the call for projects.


Who is running Celo Camp?

Celo Camp is run by Upright's co-founders Tomer Weiss and Alon Shavit. The Celo Camp co-founders will be working exclusively on Celo Camp throughout the duration of the program.

Do we own the IP developed in the camp?

Celo Camp and C Labs do not own the IP developed in the camp. During the camp, teams will develop an open-source project under the Apache License. Prior to the camp we will define the scope of the open-source development of the camp. This applies to teams who apply for the camp and not those who hack during the pre-camp and application process.

How can I become a mentor?

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please apply here.

Why should startups join Celo Camp?

You should join Celo Camp if...
 - You have an idea for a product or service that will build an open monetary system. 
 - You’d love to connect with like-minded individuals.
 - You want to receive feedback on your project from thought leaders in product, design, engineering, and business development.
 - You want to grow and scale your project.   

How many teams / startups will be selected as winners?

Five teams will be selected as winners:

 - Grand prize (one prize)

 - 2nd place (one prize)

 - Celo Tenent Award (five prizes)

What is the program’s curriculum and timeline:

A one-month application followed by one month of team sourcing and mentorship.

 - Application (February 2021)  

Phase one involves the submission of application forms. During the application period, the program directors and mentors will consider and assess up to 30 teams for the pre-camp. In phase two of the application process we will establish both a group chat channel between teams and the program directors plus individual team pages on the digital acceleration platform.  


 - Sourcing and mentorship (March, 2021) 

The program directors will have online office hours with teams who have the potential to advance to the main camp. Through these meetings we will together build a roadmap for every team, and determine a lean task to focus on, which will be judged – and evaluated – by the Celo Camp team. Teams will be valued and ranked according to their chosen tasks, then drafting for the main camp happens.  

 - The camp (April, 2021)

Two-month acceleration and mentorship program for up to five teams. The selected teams will receive personal guidance on their technology and business strategy to help build and grow their product.

  • During this period the teams will execute their project and further develop the projects they started on in the application and sourcing phase.

  • Each team will have a bi-weekly meeting with the program director to set goals for the following week. Additionally, the program directors will connect the teams to mentors from technology, business, or community fields, depending on their needs.   

  • Teams will update their progress on the virtual acceleration platform and will receive feedback from the Celo Camp team, and C Labs, as well as the community.