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What is Celo Camp?

A 8-week virtual acceleration and mentorship program that guides decentralized technology entrepreneurs and developers in building sustainable and scalable businesses on Celo.

Celo Camp, created and run by Upright in collaboration with the Celo Foundation, is an entry point for founders to manifest their vision on Celo, foster their ideas and creativity, and bring these ideas to fruition and success, while contributing to a world of prosperity.

 Celo Camp Timeline:

Pre-Camp (application stage and open events):
April 9th - May 22nd

Application Deadline:
May 6th

Camp Participants Announced:
May 22nd

Celo Camp:
May 27th - July 25th  

Demo Day:
July 24th

What are some of the benefits of joining Celo Camp?

  • Funding: Fast-track to grants, prizes in cUSD, and high exposure to investment opportunities. Celo Camp alumni have raised over $100,000,000 since 2020.

  • Mentorship: 1:1 mentorship meetings with industry leaders

  • Network: Increase your network and connect with like-minded individuals from the Celo community

  • Curriculum and Workshops: 8 week curriculum with educational resources, business guidance, advice, and learning objectives on how to build your project, bring it to market, and scale; Weekly workshops from industry experts and our partners

  • Support: Technological and business support for seamless integration to Celo

  • Perks: From our partners such as AWS, Twilio, Hubspot, Tatum, Hacken, and more!

  • Impact: Be a part of creating positive change and contributing to a world of financial inclusion

Why should startups join Celo Camp?

You should join Celo Camp if...

  • You have an idea for a product or service that will build an open monetary system.

  • You want to grow and scale your project.   

  • You’d love to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, developers, and creators.

  • You want to receive advice and feedback on your project from thought leaders in product, design, engineering, and business development.

Is Celo Camp for early-stage startups?

Celo Camp is a dynamic program that accepts startups at any stage. You can be a builder with just an idea or an already established startup looking to scale.

What kind of projects does Celo Camp prioritize?

Celo Camp looks for projects that lowers the barriers of access to crypto and DeFi building blocks, while contributing to financial inclusion. Some examples of projects we prioritize:

  • DeFi / Financial primitives

  • ReFi

  • Uncollateralized Lending

  • Remittances / Wallets

  • On / Off ramps

  • Financial inclusion / Donations / UBI

  • Creator Economy / Gaming

  • Community / Social tokens

  • NFT marketplaces 

  • Environmental projects / ESG

  • Stablecoin savings

  • Robo advisor 

  • Yield Aggregators

  • Identity / Social graph / Reputation

  • Open source projects are prioritized

* We love new innovative solutions. Have one? Surprise us!

How can I learn about past participants?

Check out our Founder Stories and Apps pages.

You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel and view past demo days, events, and workshops.

What is the program’s curriculum?

Pre-Camp: Application stage and open events  

During the application period, up to 60 teams who have the potential to advance to the main camp will be considered and assessed for pre-camp. The selected teams will meet with the program directors in either individual or group online sessions designed to evaluate your candidacy for Celo Camp. 
Following these meetings, up to 40 teams will be selected to participate in pitch week to determine who will be voted in by our panel of judges into the main camp.

The Camp: 8-week virtual acceleration and mentorship program

Untitled design (1).png

The selected teams will receive tailored guidance on their technology and business strategy to help build and grow their product.

  • During this period the teams will further develop and execute their projects.

  • Each week throughout camp will focus on a different stage of the startup journey.

  • Teams attend workshops with industry experts and mentors, as well as events with our partners on utilizing and maximizing the perks they offer, and networking events.

  • Each team will have a meeting with the Upright team to set goals during camp. 

  • Teams will be matched 1:1 with mentors from technology, business, or community fields, depending on their needs.

  • Teams update their progress and deliverables on the virtual acceleration platform and will receive feedback from the Celo Camp team and cLabs.

The goal at the end of camp is to have a fully working product on the Celo platform.

How can I apply?

If you are interested in joining Celo Camp, apply here.

How can I become a mentor?

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please apply here.

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