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Bloinx: Saving money with Tandas via blockchain technology

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Hello, we are BX Smart Labs, developers of Bloinx. It all started during the pandemic when Gabriela, co-founder at Bloinx, suddenly found herself stuck at home with her husband and two kids struggling with slow computers while attending online classes. She almost organized a tanda (rotating savings and credit association for groups of friends, relatives, or community members) to buy a new computer but organizing it required more effort than she expected. This is how the idea of a decentralized application that makes a tanda self-manageable was born. She recruited a long time friend and marketer Domenica, a smart crypto expert Andrea, and a bold software developer Arturo to turn this idea into a project.

After some time we came across the call for applications for Celo Camp and we were thrilled to see that our vision to empower saving communities matched Celo’s philosophy.

The Bloinx Team

What was your Celo Camp experience like?

Celo Camp took us through a very interesting journey of returning to the basics, focusing on our users, and then progressing to the built product. We were really grateful for all the recommendations from our mentor Denisse and from our UX auditor Daniel. Their insights as Latinos helped shape the development of our product.

What did you build during camp and how will it impact your users?

During the camp we built an application with react native that manages one savings round (tanda). In the near future, users will be able to create their own savings rounds according to their needs.

With our dApp people will be able to access interest free loans from their own network regardless of location and with a transparent and trustworthy system. We are very grateful for this opportunity and we will keep working towards financial inclusion.

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Author: The Bloinx Team

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