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Coinprofile: Crypto remittances and payments, connecting Africa to the world - powered by cUSD

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

We created Coinprofile while John and I were working for a company called Busha. At the time, it was just a side project with a simple goal of helping people store their wallet addresses with a single profile link that they can share at any time. Basically, linktree for crypto. We then evolved into a remittance platform with the goal of helping people receive, send and spend money in an easy, fast and reliable way.

Co-founders Bashir Aminu and John Anisere

Why did you choose to build on Celo and join Celo Camp?

We believe that Celo’s mission of prosperity for all, is closely tied to our goal of democratising access to finance to everyone everywhere in the world. We felt that Celo Camp could help us with access to tools, networking and resources that could help us scale and grow our business.

What did you build during camp?

We added cUSD to our app, which allows anyone to use Valora to send money to a Nigerian bank account with cUSD.

What was your camp experience like?

During camp, we learned that businesses were a major key market segment for us. We used our learnings from Celo Camp to craft strategies to onboard and engage businesses.

Our most memorable moment was pitching at Celo Camp’s demo day. It was a very exciting time for us as we were given the opportunity to pitch to hundreds of people live.

How does your app change lives? Who do you hope to impact?

Millions of people worldwide send money back home on a daily basis, but they're charged ridiculously high fees and transaction times are very slow. We're changing this by creating a platform that makes it faster, easier and cheaper for migrants to send money back home.

Next Steps:

Moving forward, we plan to continue to push prosperity and financial freedom for all people around the world. We will be integrating with Valora to achieve this mission. We plan to push this integration by the end of 2021. With our Valora integration, African users will be able to send money from Valora to any bank account/mobile money account. This would make it super easy for users in Africa to off-ramp from Valora.

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Author: Bashir Aminu, co-founder and CEO, Coinprofile

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