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Cryptum: The simplest way to connect to blockchain

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

While working at IBM in 2016, working on licensed blockchain networks for large corporate clients, I saw there was a space to implement tools and solutions that could empower people, mainly on public networks. This is when the idea for Blockforce was created.

Under the scope of tech consultancy, during the development of some cryptocurrency projects (,,, and others), our team realized that there was a large crypto infrastructure which could be offered via API/SaaS. This is when Cryptum was born.

Due to the transformational impact of decentralized technology and finance, we were already studying Celo's protocol. During Celo Camp batch 2, we also acted as a blockchain consultancy partner for We then realized the practical synergy we could have with Celo and Cryptum, and applied (and happily joined) to Celo Camp Batch III.

What was your Celo Camp experience like?

The application process and camp format was a great learning experience for us. In addition, working with the Celo Camp team, our mentors, and fellow participants was incredible. The feedback we received and the long-term connections we made with them, as well as the potential for collaborations with other startups in the cohort and community, has been invaluable.

What did you build during Celo Camp?

In addition to the Cryptum APIs, we developed two open source plugins, driven to simplify the integration of Celo and Woocommerce:

1. Plugin for e-commerce checkout: Accepting Celo and cUSD for merchants, Cryptum dashboards serve as a place to set configs and monitor its flow.

2. Plugin for integrating NFT into the shopping experience: Merchants can easily connect their marketplace products to NFT deployed into the Cryptum dashboard.

How will Cryptum impact users?

Cryptum offers a simple and fast way to integrate Celo’s blockchain solutions, enabling teams without experience with blockchain (a major barrier to its adoption) to apply and reproduce these benefits to the market. With low integration costs and short integration time, we democratized access to blockchain applications and expanded the benefits of using Celo, and supporting a new market reality that is way more distributed and prosperous for everyone.

Next Steps:

In about 2 months, we plan to launch the Cryptum platform internationally.

The Cryptum Team

Contact: Telegram: andre_salem +55 11 974290770

Author: André Salem, Founder and CEO, Cryptum

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