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Making remittance in Africa easier and more secure while connecting Africans locally and globally

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

The Southern Sudanese community faces high costs in remittances. This ultimately reduces just how much money actually gets back to a sender’s family and friends while they’re sending it. Pesabase makes it easier, faster and more secure for someone to send money to friends and family and without having to drive to a location, as they do now, to execute these transactions.

In addition, the recipients of these remittances often have no digital avenues for holding wealth. Pesabase aims to become the defacto platform in times of strife that provides stability in their financial life.

Celo has provided Pesabase with a simple mobile friendly backend and stablecoins for remittances (considering that the target users are primarily mobile-phone users).

Nyakan, a young south Sudanese migrant to Australia, came to Australia when she was 9 years old with her siblings and mother. Her Dad chose to remain in Africa as he felt he could contribute to the well-being of South Sudan as a country.

Nyakan managed to study and graduate a few years later in 2016 and started working. At the time she graduated, South Sudan faced challenges as a country and the economy began to suffer. Since then, she and her siblings started pooling money together and sending it to their dad monthly, so he can continue his work as a health professional in the country.

Nyakan’s excitement was evident when she installed the Pesabase app and without knowing the technology involved, was able to easily send money to family members in Juba, South Sudan. She is excited and eagerly anticipating our eventual rollout, so she does not have to go to a physical location to send money again.

Celo, in its mission to foster prosperity for all, will be part of Nyakan and millions of others’ stories, like hers, in making the lives of their loved ones easier — because remittances shouldn’t have to be a headache in an age where Celo exists.

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Author: The Pesabase team

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