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CyberTime Finance: The path to the NFT Marketplace and Mystery Box on Celo

In August of 2020, Dmitry Boshenyatov and Valeria Kraeva saw great potential in the NFT market. At that moment, the CyberTime project was born. The name did not appear by chance. CyberTime amassed the spirit of a new time - digital space, high speed, flexible approach and constant search for balance in everything. Since then, the team has done a lot of work:

- Created a platform for the NFT Fantasy League

- BSC farming platform was launched

- Created unique NFT collections on OpenSea and BSC

- The team helped organize the NFT Expo in Dubai in 2021

- Passed contract audit from Certik & DeFiYield

Path to Celo Camp

In June of 2021, we got to Celo Pre-Camp, which is when we first became acquainted with the Celo ecosystem. We worked on the concept of the NFT Mystery Box platform and started to build out the details. We successfully passed the Pre-Camp phase and were accepted into the top-30 projects to participate in Celo Camp Batch 4.

The first session at Celo Camp started with meditation. After this session, there was a state of peace inside, a clear consciousness and a desire to create a product in demand. This session set the right mood for the whole camp. The program was comprehensive with sessions 4 days a week for 8 weeks. But despite the intensity, everything was perfectly organized. Everything is detailed in Notion, and all sessions are scheduled and sent to your Google Calendar. Good organization helped us focus on the essentials, learning, communication, and building the product. In addition, the program turned out to be balanced and helped us develop in various directions. There were sessions with cool mentors from large companies, such as Coinbase, as well as with current founders of projects on Celo, there were mingle sessions between Celo Camp participants, and of course, Prosper Sessions. As a result, we got into the top-10 projects and made a pitch at the final Demo Day.

What we built during Camp

During Celo Camp, we studied the market and audience of NFTs on Celo. We decided to focus on 2 things:

- Creation of an NFT Marketplace with a focus on Collectibles

- Create your own NFT Collectibles

We studied the features of development on Celo. Thanks to Josh, DevRel at cLabs, for helping me verify smart contracts. After development and testing, we launched the NFT Marketplace on Mainnet with popular Celo NFT collections (CeloPunks, CeloToadz, CeloShapes) -

We also created and launched the minting of our own Daopolis NFT collection to promote NFTs on Celo, which is already working on Mainnet -

Plans for the development of the project on Celo

  1. After completing Celo Camp, we chose Celo as the main chain for development. We are delighted with the community, the speed of work, and the approach to work, so we want to be a part of it!

  2. We plan to create the most convenient NFT Marketplace on Celo. We have already agreed to add 90% of all existing NFT collections to our platform (CeloApes, Nomstranaut, Womxn of Celo, DimsOfCelo, PixelAva, etc.). We are also working on adding the purchase / sale of .nom domains.

  3. We decided to focus on cross-chain NFT Loans. It's like AAVE/Moola for NFTs. Users will be able to lock NFTs (CryptoPunks, BoredApes, etc.) on Celo, Ethereum, Solana, Terra, etc. and receive cUSD and cEUR as credit on Celo.

We want to thank Alon, Rachel, Elad for organizing Celo Camp!

Become part of the CyberTime community:

NFT Marketplace -

Daopolis NFT Collection -

Author: Dmitriy Boshenyatov, co-founder at CyberTime

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