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Flywallet: Every trip begins with a cUSD

Do you believe that if enough people traveled, we’d have a better chance at world peace, that more people would become eco-friendly? We do.

Thomas Negrit and Alejandra Fernandez - Co-founders of FlyWallet

Travel has the power to shift perspectives. We owe it to travel for the people we are today. We therefore decided to dedicate our work and purpose to giving others the opportunity to travel too.

“If there is one thing you will never waste your money on, it’s travel. Travel is the antidote to ignorance.” - Trevor Noah

We believe that experiences and memories are what make a person wealthy. This is our ethos. And everyone should have accessibility to new experiences. People tend to be discouraged from traveling because the cost of a holiday is beyond their reach. Changing that perspective was our travel hack and we needed to figure out how to make it a product.

So with a common ambition to empower others, we built flywallet knowing we could not be alone. It turns out that 7 out of 10 travelers go into debt when paying for a trip. There's a huge misconception that travel is just for leisure, when in reality, there’s an unprecedented number of families scattered around the world. This massive upside to helping people pay for travel validated our concept and we never looked back. (For the record, we are flywallet’s first and most loyal users. We use it all the time!)

Flywallet is built to transform “One day…” into “Day One” by operating a ‘Save Now Pay Later' model that breaks down any destination into weekly or monthly financial goals.

It's not about how much money you have, it's about what you do with it, and travel is an expense that makes you richer.

A mother who saves up to take her kids to Disney world, a religious devotee saving for a flight to the Holy land, siblings saving to bring their parents to the US for a visit or a burned out grad student traveling for their mental health; these are people in our community. This is the impact flywallet has, by helping one person at a time. So if you have a destination in mind, flywallet is the first step to making it happen. We will take you wherever you want to go, no matter your income. It takes only $1 (which you keep) to start saving for your dream trip. We hope to impact first-time travelers and separated families that wish to reunite regularly.

Road to Celo Camp

“Prosperity for all” is embedded in flywallet’s DNA. Joining Celo Camp felt natural - a step in the right direction for us. The Celo community is vibrant and mission-oriented and we immediately felt a part of the team.

What We Built

During Camp, we built an off-ramp that enables ValoraApp users and cUSD holders to spend their tokens on flights. The dashboard lets you search among 300+ airlines and add them to your plans to track. No ads, no tabs or promotions to distract you. When you are ready to book, just click.

The Memorable Moments

The Camp was a blast. Alon and Rachel were superstars in creating a warm, collaborative environment. My favorite moment was a guild meeting where I and other founders in our segment met up to talk about our challenges and ambitions. We connected a lot; it was a powerful call.

Next Steps

The next step for flywallet is to become an off-ramp for the community. Community is the most important lesson, and we wish to collaborate as much as possible with other projects.

Stay in touch:

Twitter: @Fly_wallet

Author: Thomas Negrit, co-founder at Flywallet

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