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From gaming to RemixIDE plugin, Celo Web Signer, and Dexfair

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

As a game developer, when I first encountered blockchain, I thought that I could trade game items or use it for billing systems. So I started researching blockchain. After that, I developed trials of simple blockchain games and tested them to see how they could be commercialized.

Around that time, I also developed a project to connect local currencies and decentralized identity.

Local currency was a system to receive rewards for reducing the use of disposable items by linking with local residents or local stores.

As I was thinking about which blockchain to implement this project on, I came across Celo, and I thought about what Celo needs right now and which one to develop. So, I developed Celo Web Signer, RemixIDE Plugin and dexfair (for local currencies).

And by using the technology, RemixIDE Plugin was also developed and officially registered as RemixIDE plugin. I won the Best Effort Award for the technology that can use Celo and MetaMask together. ( While I was looking for new opportunities to apply this technology, I got to know Celo Camp and applied.

To use this technology, the popular DeFi model,Token swap, can be used not only on mobile but also on desktop, thereby improving user accessibility. In addition, we wanted to maximize user accessibility by allowing users to use not only MetaMask and MetaMask Mobile, but also Celo's official apps, Valora and Celo Ledger App. It was mainly successful, and Dexfair now makes it available for mobile, desktop, Valora and Ledger.

I was very grateful to learn and utilize so many helpful tips while participating in Celo Camp. It helped us improve our approach and development environment, and I hope that many developers can increase productivity in a more comfortable development environment by using RemixIDE plugin and Celo Web Signer.

Moving forward, our plan is to collaborate with local governments to develop Dapps that can be used for actual payment (I already have experience implementing it with Ethereum) using local currency!

Author: Jet Lim - Dexfair, Founder

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