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The ReSource Protocol team is excited to share our journey in Celo Camp!

The ReSource Protocol team is excited to share our journey in the Celo camp!

So first, about us - ReSource protocol democratizes access to on chain credit for freelancers and businesses. By leveraging products and services as collateral for credit, we seek to serve the $5.2T global unmet demand.

We’ve all been fascinated with local currencies and trade networks for years which eventually brought together our team from all over the world. Our story begins with Ofir, who started B2B trade networks in Israel in 2014 and the Bay Area in 2015 before ever stumbling into blockchain. Ofir’s Israeli network made a national TV appearance when a known actor helped spread the world with a commercial for the network… and was paid by with the local currency.

Then in 2017, Duke and David connected at a blockchain community house in Oakland, California. Duke had been part of a project called the Economic Space Agency, designing economic systems that are less extractive / predatory, and work for the majority of people. David was previously working on a cryptocurrency for his startup at the time, NuMundo, that had aspects of a mutual credit system. At this time, Duke and David started to collaborate on designing that currency, “NuCoin”, which certainly is part of the evolutionary story of ReSource. Two years later, in July 2019 the Pachamama Alliance approached NuMundo to create a coupon/voucher system for $250k of room night credits they had pre-sold to their community. NuMundo partnered with Ambisafe to create a blockchain system to manage the issuance and redemption of such coupons.

In January 2020, David and Ofir met in Guatemala, and that was the birth of ReSource!

David Casey, ReSource, co-founder

In October 2020, ReSource joined Celo Camp. Celo’s mission as an enabler to underserved communities was a perfect match for our aspirations.

Celo has taught us a lot about the latest companies and trends in the blockchain ecosystem, building blocks and existing solutions to integrate with. We are very impressed with the Celo technology and team, and think it’s an amazing ecosystem to be a part of.

During Celo Camp, we honed in significantly on our value proposition, deployed the core mutual credit contract on both Celo and Ethereum, launched our ReSource Network web app, and defined the scope of work for the coming weeks and months.

Pitching during the Idea Fair, Celo Camp's demo day, was one of the most memorable moments at the Camp, having everything come to a climax and also seeing all the other amazing projects share their work. It made us excited and honored to be part of such an ecosystem of great entrepreneurs and promising companies. There were also a number of memorable moments connecting one-on-one with other entrepreneurs around the world from our batch during the Prosper sessions. We also greatly enjoyed the content of the Prosper sessions themselves. We had the most amazing mentorship from our personal mentor (Ryan) who we recently asked to officially become our advisor. He is helping us immensely in terms of go-to-market strategy in the DeFi universe, as well as helping us think through the fundamentals and core functions of the protocol. We also found the UX/user journey mapping flow uniquely valuable, and plan to get back in touch with the facilitator of our breakout group for that workshop, who is a teammate of Ryan’s on Teller Finance.

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Author: David Casey - ReSource, co-founder

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