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Honing in on your business goals while working with people from around the world

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

We are excited to be sharing our story with you, just a heads up! We are the crypto wallet that allows users to attain inclusion via crypto.

Kite Financial started two years ago, when it was previously called Coin4sales. For us, the motivation to get started was the need to create simplicity and automation for a lot of crypto related activities in Nigeria that seemed to be happening manually. As a result of the nature of these activities, without credible platforms, scamming was very prevalent in the ecosystem. Though, once we started there, we could see the larger picture. What actually needed to be done, started to unveil itself.

We were tossed into the financial landscape that enveloped Africa, and we witnessed first hand, the lack of accessibility to basic financial services that people need to survive in modern day times. We then set out to build solutions targeted at driving financial inclusion, and in August 2020, we relaunched our services as Kite Financial.

We came to Celo Camp because we felt this was a place where our goals aligned. We weren’t wrong after all. The other teams proved that and the entire camp did. Our goals did align! Celo’s main goal to make money beautiful and seamless, resonates with our core values and mission.

Our experience during Celo Camp was exciting! It was filled with interesting events and memories to follow. For us, a standout memory that has nothing to do with being competitive, would definitely be the times we spent with other teams from around the world in the Prosper Series, especially the building self confidence session. But in general, we had a window to learn about other people, and their traditions, which was hilarious.

The entire learning curve was very important. Notably, were the discussions and sessions on user experience which left a huge impact on our team and how we wanted to build products moving forward. Other sessions worth mentioning include building with the Celo blockchain. During the camp, we successfully built an integration on the test net, determined major use cases for our project, and many more.

Our product(s) hope to bring financial wellbeing to Africans, giving them a simple way to transact within and across borders, make payments, and remit via crypto. This changes a lot for the Africa continent and would definitely lead to a more financially stable and prosperous Africa.

Moving forward, we wish to attain our goals and mission. We have gathered a lot of experience and tools from the camp, and will be incorporating it moving forward.

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Author: Mario Egie - Kite Financial, Founder

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