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How Lovecrypto is bringing purpose through DeFi

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Lovecrypto started because of an inspiration caused by the refugee crisis of Venezuelan migrants coming into Brazil. In early 2019, their tragic story was all over the news and people were mobilizing to find ways to help them.

While studying for an MsC in computer science at his Alma Mater, at CIn/UFPE, Ed Rodrigues, CEO of Lovecrypto, assembled a team to work on a new idea — An app that allowed anyone with a smartphone to perform tasks and earn in crypto. This would provide families in need with an income source and introduce them to crypto.

“When we discovered Celo through one of Celo’s Facebook posts, everything just fit together. Celo is designed for financial inclusion, making the cost of creating new wallets at zero and the cost of transfers very low. In addition, the whole ecosystem is very enthusiastic about social impact and understands our desire to create a billion dollar business that is going to impact the lives of billions of people. For people at Celo, social impact is not a liability. They understand us because they are social entrepreneurs at heart as well, with purpose in mind,” stated Rodrigues.

He continued “That is why it is a great pleasure to be part of this ecosystem. Not only because of the technology, but because of the people. And it is our desire that Lovecrypto will provide work opportunities for all refugees in the world, with just a smartphone.”

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Author: The Lovecrypto team

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