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A wallet that allows people in Sub-Saharan Africa to send and receive money directly on their phone

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Ibrahim is a back office assistant for DHL in Burkina Faso. Working in Ouagadougou, Ibrahim has always had issues with the local banks and other financial institutions (extremely high fees and no customer service). He prefers to use cash.

Ibrahim recently learned about bitcoin and crypto, and how the technology could help him earn and save money digitally instead of using cash. Whenever he’s not working, he checks if bitcoin value has gone up. Ibrahim needed a reliable platform where he could simultaneously deposit and save money, and also buy crypto. He discovered the DuniaPay app through a friend and quickly realized the vision and affordability of the product.

DuniaPay is a wallet that allows anyone in Sub-Saharan Africa to save, spend, and invest in crypto all from one platform. Using DuniaPay, Ibrahim is now able to conveniently store money on the platform and also invest in his favorite cryptocurrency. Ibrahim is really excited about these new and exciting technologies being deployed in his country, Burkina Faso, and the seamless experience they help provide in managing his money.

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Author: The Dunia Payment team

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